About Casa de Oro

The Spokane area is fortunate that Enrique Torres owner of Casa de Oro was a picky eater when he was a child in Union de Tula, Mexico which is located just outside of Guadalajara. The reason is his mother and grandmother spent many hours in the market figuring out different food ingredients and spice combinations resulting in tasty food that Enrique would eat. Enrique brings all of that knowledge and experience to Casa de Oro for your dining enjoyment.

With his rich family tradition he and his lovely wife Eva run Casa de Oro like a family which becomes apparent as soon as you walk through the door. It’s important to point out that although there are several restaurants named Casa de Oro in the Spokane area, this is the only restaurant that is owned and operated by Enrique Torres and his wife Eva. He takes a great deal of pride in personally selecting the ingredients for the items on his menu as well as the Specials that are new, flavorful and fresh everyday.

Enrique, Eva and their family invite you to stop by Casa de Oro, 4111 North Division located at the top of the Division Street hill for your next lunch or dinner. For reservations call 489-3630. And be sure to ask about “The Talking Gringo”……